Meet the CMC Family

Rob Farmer - every summer since he could walk he spent time in Shady Valley, TN on his great uncle's Hereford farm.   When the opportunity came up to purchase two quality registered purebred Charolais cows, he jumped at the chance.  One of the cows is still a major producer on the farm!


Naomi Farmer - grew up on military bases, but farming was in her background.  Her grandparents owned a 200 cow dairy operation.  When Rob said, let's buy some cows, she said, "They better not be dairy!"


Jinny - our female Blue Heeler - This is one smart female.  She LOVES when it is time to work the cattle.   Jinny regularly gets to drive the cattle from the back to the front of the farm and back again.  She has a natural instinct to keep the cattle together - no stragglers on her watch.